HempStyle Affiliate Programme

Being part of the HempStyle Affiliate Programme is your chance to become an ambassador for our high quality sustainable clothing and accessory brand - and earn some great commission!

Programme Benefits

    • ► Great rates - 12% on every sale you refer
    • ► Low payment threshold - just make £20 and you'll get paid that month. Payments are made through PayPal
    • ► Affiliate dashboard - generate your links and track your clicks, sales and payments
    • ► We run promotions and give you exclusive discounts, making it easier for you to sell
    • ► We ship worldwide - so you can sell HempStyle products anywhere

How does it work?

Just join the programme following the steps below, use your dashboard to create your affiliate links and you'll get commission every time you refer a sale! It really is that simple.

Join the Programme

Follow the steps below to apply:

  1. Complete this form
  2. Your application will be reviewed by us (usually within 24 hours). You will receive an email when it has been approved
  3. You will be sent a password which you can use to log in, accept the terms and get started!

Existing Affiliate?

Existing affiliates can log in HERE.